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On Raw Music International, Itravel the world, live with musicians, and bring you music, videos and photos from the most innovative underground scenes I can find.

Olima Anditti

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Today, the best guitarists might be in Niger, the hottest dance club in Cartagena, Colombia, the most innovative political rap in Israel or Iran.

I’ll hit these places (and more) and tell you about the world through music and the people who make it.

I filmed the pilot episode with my buddy Angela in Kisumu, Kenya back in 2011. We partied with the Rastas on Lake Victoria, recorded ancient jams deep in the countryside, and fell off only one motorcycle.

Next stop is Iraq, where I’ll travel across the booming Kurdistan region. Follow the Raw Music blog for video, sounds, and pleas for help from our rag-tag crew.

See the intro to our Kenya episode and follow the trip on the Raw Music blog...