Cyrus Moussavi Host

I grew up in Iowa, spent much time in Iran visiting family, studied econ and philosophy at Columbia University, and spent a consciousness-expanding year in Amsterdam researching immigration on a Fulbright grant. Most recently I was a VJ (a thing that still exists) at NowThis News Somehow, this all ties back to the things I love most – finding new music and talking to people. I spend all my money on books I’ll never read and just turned 27.


Ozzy Dan Kenya Episode

Ozzy is a Kisumu native who has danced professionally across Europe. He runs the Yawa Dance Company and lives in Kenya or Tanzania depending on the season.

Angela Shoemaker Video Kenya Episode

Angela is a freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer based in Louisville, KY.  She met Cyrus while also on a Fulbright grant in Amsterdam, where she documented life in  a nursing home for aging heroin addicts.

Angela has a master’s degree in multimedia storytelling from Ohio University.  While a student, Angela was a contributing member of the award winning Soul of Athens project, recipient of the Marvin E. Parsons Scholarship, awarded two honorable mentions for her multimedia work in the annual College Photographer of the Year competition and interned at The Buffalo News.

Her work has been featured in People, Eldr and Nylon magazines.  According to Cyrus, she is a ferociously talented young woman and will cut you if you mess with her.  See her work at

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