EXCLUSIVE SOUNDS from our pilot episode in Kisumu, Kenya. Click here to download our mixtape featuring 17 tracks and album art.

The family plays

Young Boy by Eli Sketch (Kenya Hip Hop) by RMI
This track is the intro to a mixtape by Kisumu rapper and Nairobi freestyle king Eli Sketch, one of the most creative and versatile rappers we met on the trip to Kenya. Many of the beats from this mixtape are done by our homie LaFam at Urban Music Studios.


Sire by LaFam, Alphabet, and Soul Afriq (Heavy Kenyan Hip Hop) by RMI
Sire is one of the dopest tracks I've heard EVER, let alone in Kisumu. LaFam, a massive producer, teams up with Alphabet and Brayo aka Soul Afriq in a Kisumu supergroup.


Orono Plays Nyatiti in a Quiet Spot (Kenya Traditional) by RMI
This is a very different take on the nyatiti (traditional 8-string Luo harp) from the one I just posted. Here, Orono plays in a much more intimate setting for a gathered crowd of 10 or so people. The playing is much more intricate and nuanced than on the previous track, where he was jamming out for about 40 drunk and disorderly elderly Kenyan folk. Every time you fall for a simple repetitive passage Orono switches it up while somehow keeping the rhythm. It seems that this ability to vamp on a simple riff while keeping the rhythm is what sets great nyatiti players apart.


Dozze Freestyle (Kenya Hip Hop) by RMI
This is a freestyle from our boy Dozze in Kisumu. Ozzy Dan did the translation.

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