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Peter Logono, a Turkana refugee from northern Kenya, plays the Adungu at a homebrew club on the road between Uganda and Kenya. The song, Ero Akol, is in the Turkana language and is about missing home.

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24 year old Nairobi via Kisumu rapper and dancer Dozze kicks a freestyle about life as an underground rapper in Kenya. And he kills it.

Kisumu is perched on Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile. While the lake has been destroyed by water hyacinth, fish still come out of it. Ozzy took us lakeside to show how you properly eat tilapia.

Brayo AKA Soul Afriq, paints writes, sings and writes unofficial histories. Here’s a solo performance from one of the most talented people I know.

Anchoras! Reggae has a torid history in Kenya, where the rastas were discriminated against for years and dreads still draw side-eyes. The Anchoras play on, jamming in a kale field on the edge of town. Good sounds and mediocre herb for days.

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Ras Expary is one of Kisumu’s original reggae DJs. The man’s CD collection is a gem of mankind. He breaks down the bias the rastas faced, and how the world looks to them today. Unfortunately , the good DJ left this world in 2011.

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Raw Music homie and Kisumu gadfly Rankin T speaks to the people. Ranks is a man about town, running parties and side gigs in every corner of the city. He introduced us to some of the Kisumu’s roughest spots.

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This video features outtakes from the pilot. we’re kicking it with Kisumu reggae darlings “the conscious youths” outside of a club called Sunspot in the kondele slum, Kisumu, Kenya. The place is extremely popular with people from the area, but they’re not always cool with cameras. Thankfully our man ranking t has strange sway with the owner, and he got us in. His partner in the band, Roy Captain, used the occasion to debut a rap/raggamuffin joint sung in Luo (the tribal language in the area, one that is rarely used in popular music because of its limited range).

Nebulazz and Double B of Kisumu rap crew Walimwengu kick their newest hit “Q Kwa Bank,” a club banger that goes “there’s a line at the bank/cause it’s friiiday/we’re gonna party” They represent the “Kapuka” rap craze in Kenya—party raps over a beat that goes “boom ka poo ka boom ka poo ka”

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