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at the bussa club

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The opening sequence to our pilot episode, shot in Kisumu Kenya. The dope beat is made by Kisumu rapper/producer LaFam, using a sample from a traditional nyatiti we recorded in the villages. See the encounter between ancient and modern that birthed this beat in the videos below.

Orono is an 80 year old nyatiti (8 string traditional harp) legend. The Raw Music crew traveled to his village about an hour outside of Kisumu to hear him play and share too many rounds of homebrewed booze. We’d met once before, many years ago, and he was convinced I’d promised to buy him a tin roof. He had the wrong guy. Rapper LaFam was there to record audio.

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One of the highlights of the Kenya trip: 24 yr old Kisumu rapper LaFam freestyles over the live nyatiti of 80 year old Orono deep in the countryside. This has to be the first time this has happened…

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Robatoz raps at Total Vibez Studio, a homemade tin shack attached to the home of rapper / producer Zealous Oreta in the Kondele Slum, Kisumu, Kenya. Pirated Chinese software. cheap laptops and an obsession with Tupac have lead to an outpouring of homemade Kenyan rap.

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And watch the video below for more on rap in Kisumu:

An outtake from the Raw Music pilot episode shot in Kisumu, Kenya: Producers all over the world have been using the cheap and easy Fruity Loops software to make beats (including Rick Ross’ producer of choice Lex Luger, chronicled in this breathless but well meaning NY Times article). This is true in Kisumu as well—the guys at Urban Music use almost the exact same setup (cheap laptop, pirated software) to make their music as some of the most famous American stars. Watch technology cut the gap between west and the rest at startling speed in this clip.

Lyn Jay, single mother of two and Kisumu’s hardest female rapper, tells her story. We couldn’t get her to rap for us on camera but here’s a track, produced by LaFam.

Olima Anditi is one of the first people to play guitar in Western Kenya. Here, the blind 80 something musician plays at his home, a tiny windowless shack in the Manyatta slum. Olima makes his living playing for tips at the local booze club. The song is called Apoli, recorded December 31, 2010.

Olima Anditi makes an album: We ran across Olima by accident as he played at a local booze club in the Manyatta slum. Turned out he was a legend of Luo music, long since forgotten. We took him to a local rap studio, where he recorded his first sides in decades…

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